Finance & Accounting Headhunting Services

Mis-hiring, under hiring or over hiring is common for companies that don’t have the financial and accounting experience to guide them on their optimal accounting team set up.

These issues result in all sorts of problems and could sometimes be very costly.

A few symptoms  of a non performing accounting department would be disorganized accounting records, unpaid vendors, uncollected customer payments, delayed or unreliable financial reporting, and late, incorrect or failed file returns.

Vertaccount’s Finance & Accounting Headhunting Service takes a different approach and differs from other recruitment providers because we simply don’t place heads based on what you need.  Instead, we take a proactive strategy that is a combination of understanding your company’s complexities, your current organizational structure, and your stated need among other variables before we even place a candidate.

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Why Choose Us?


We recruit finance and accounting professionals every single day for our internal and foreign operations so we know who and what to look for.

A Unique Hiring Approach

We simply don’t hire based on what you need. We evaluate different variables to determine the best possible solution for your organization.

Guaranteed Replacement

A candidate will be replaced free of charge if the he or she resigns within six months or before regularization whichever comes first.