The Unbreakable Cog In Your Engine

Small or high growth businesses does not necessarily have the resources or finance infrastructure in place to have  proper financial leadership and management. Without a strong financial leader, the organization suffers and a few of the symptoms are:

  • Unreliable financial and management reporting and/or cash management which then affects numbers based decision making, inability to raise funds or take out loans;
  • Missed tax deadlines or erroneous returns;
  • Processes which are still very manual and paper based,
  • Overspending on software or systems that supposedly solves these problems,
  • Wide skills gap between top management and the accounting team causing unnecessary tension which results in frequent accounting team turn over, and
  • Lack of internal controls, policies and procedures.

Vertaccount’s financial leaderships service allows you to beef up the financial organizational structure of your company without incurring the cost of hiring a full time leader while simultaneously leveraging the expertise of an entire company.


The responsibilities of a financial leader is vast and deep and so are the needs of any company. To borrow from one of Bruce Lee’s philosophy, we flow like water and fill in the void. We adapt to what our clients need, helping them from the most basic problems to the complex.

  • Policy Formulation.
  • Tax Compliance.
  • Accounting Operations System and Process Design.
  • Software Evaluation to Implementation.
  • Team Supervision and Evaluation.
  • Management and Reporting Design.
  • Cash Management.
  • Simplifying Complexity.
  • Business Modelling and KPI development.
  • Fund Raising.
  • Senior Management Advisory.


  • Expertise – Proven experience solving complex finance and accounting problems.
  • Rapid Problem Solving Capabilities – Can deploy teams immediately to solve urgent issues and draw on the experience of the entire company.
  • Modern – Leverages software and systems extensively, but software that doesn’t hurt your pocket.
  • Global – Access to teams familiar w/ Philippine, Hong Kong, Australia and US tax regulations.
  • Stable – Vertaccount is a 6 year old company which profitable and growing.


Do you do bookkeping?

No we don’t, but we can manage your internal bookkeeping or accounting team for you.

Do you provide assurance services?

No we don’t, but we can coordinate with your auditor. Being a financial leader and providing assurances is a conflict of interest.




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  • Vertaccount has been assisting us with all our accounting needs for the past 4 months. Our collaboration has been excellent and the personnel that I worked with are great. The flexibility and speed of response from the account manager and CEO as well as the quality of the reports and reporting are equally good. No request is out of the question and usually can be accommodated within the current budget and in a reasonable timeframe.  They are very responsive team and easy company to work with. I enjoy our partnership. A great customer experience! 


     Anne Yeo, Office Administrator


    Computaris is a subsidiary of R Systems, a publicly listed company at National Stock Exchange (NSE) and Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) in India.